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The Prettiest DIY Labels Using Shipping Tape

The Prettiest DIY Labels Using Shipping Tape

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Pretty packaging doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to look special. And let’s be honest, a pretty label is the crowning glory on an envelope or small box. Wedding favors, anyone? These DIY shipping tape labels are our new favorite way to dress up snail mail and we’ve got our Fiskars’ tools on hand and ready for action!

DIY Shipping Tape Stickers fine art

Making Shipping Tape Labels

With a piece of parchment or wax paper, place a layer of shipping tape that will cover the size of your labels. For some of the labels I created, I used two strips of shipping tape.

Using my round paper punches, I created several labels with different images, some from flower catalogs and some laser prints from Useum, a free resource that lets you download real fine art paintings from various famous artists. This is my new favorite source to download high-res Dutch Still Life paintings and prints from the 17th and 18th Centuries.

DIY shipping tape labels
DIY shipping tape labels

Lay your labels-to-be on the parchment paper and shipping tape and sandwich them with another layer of tape. Leave enough overage around the edges of each label to make it easier for the sticker to adhere to your intended surface.

packing tape stickers for mailers
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Using Fiskars Orange-handle scissors this time, I cut around the edges of each label, leaving the parchment paper on until it’s time to use them. I love this project for making labels for wedding favor packaging, embellishing envelopes and dressing up bubble mailers and it’s ideal for images with a lot of detail and color.

DIY shipping tape labels for wedding favors
fine art DIY shipping tape labels

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DIY shipping tape labels

Fiskars’ Orange Handled Scissors has over 50 years of history in being the go-to scissors for seamstresses and creatives alike for its light-weight and ergonomic design. Looking for inspiration? Head over to Fiskars for more projects!

Looking for more ideas using paper punches? Check out DIY Save-the-Date idea and this gorgeous circle punch backdrop !

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